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In 1918, a group of artists in Tokyo banded together to from the Nihon Sôsaku Hanga Kyôkai (Japanese Creative Print Association). Their goal was to promote printmaking as a modern art form--one in which the artist would have complete control of the process from beginning to end, whether or not he did the actual carving and printing. Beginning in 1929, eight artists in the association (which changed its name to the Nihon Hanga Kyôkai or Japanese Print Association in 1931) collaborated on an ambitious series of prints that celebrated Tokyo's rise from the ashes of the 1923 earthquake.

Related People

Member: Azechi Umetarō (Japanese, 1902-1999)

Member: Hiratsuka Un'ichi (Japanese, 1895-1997)

Member: Kawakami Sumio (Japanese, 1895-1972)

Member: Maeda Masao (Japanese, 1904-1974)

Member: Maekawa Senpan (Japanese, 1888-1960)

Member: Onchi Kōshirō (Japanese, 1891-1955)

Member: Saitō Kiyoshi (Japanese, 1907-1997)

Member: Yamaguchi Gen (Japanese, 1896-1976)

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